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Bukobero Community Health Center Project

Exciting progress is being made on the construction of the Bukobero Community Health Center in eastern Uganda.

The water system needed for the coming health center is now complete! This is a gravity feed system and over 700 meters of trenching for the pipes was dug from the source spring to the site of the facility. The system includes three 10,000 gallon water storage tanks and numerous community access points along the system. Not only will the health facility be provided with good, clean water – the community will have access, too.

Final designs for the health center building are almost finished. The building will now include an open-air second floor that can be used for vaccination clinics, health education, and community gatherings. Eventually, when funds are available, the second floor will be closed in to provide more space for clinic services, but for now, it will be a very useful public space. Once the final designs are completed they will be submitted to the local government for approval and construction can begin. We expect construction to start in the next one to two months.

Recently, the community participated in a Community Engagement Process. Organized by the Bukobero Community Based Organization, this event took place over three days and works with the community to help people visualize their goals for the future and identify the assets and strengths they have to make those goals a reality. Included was a training in making interlocking, soil-stabilized bricks. These types of bricks do not require wood-fired kiln drying so are much more environmentally friendly than normal, local bricks and are longer lasting. Both the Community Engagement Process and the brick making training were supported by a Rotary grant and included two brick making machines. Eventually, the community hopes to start a business making and selling bricks.


Sheila Hosner
Development Director
Bukobero Community Health Centre