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Medical Outreach Services: Uganda Refugee Camp

In January, I was on a surgical mission in western Uganda to Kyangwali Refugee Camp, which houses 150,000 refugees, most of whom come from Congo. The Medical Outreach Services division of the FOL Foundation was the official sponsor for this trip and partnered with Planning for Tomorrow Youth Organization in Uganda.

We raised nearly $100,000 for the project most of which came from the trip participants, and all funds went toward medical supplies and equipment, distribution of food and clothing, scholarships for students, and the drilling of water wells.

FOL Foundation also made a special donation to build and furnish a computer library for a local school inside the camp.

Dr. Tayseer Karim from France recruited and organized ten volunteers from around the world to participate in this trip to the Kyangwali Refugee Camp. Due to the overwhelming need and a shortage of healthcare workers and facilities, providing even a basic level of healthcare remains a challenge in this large settlement of refugees. But, of course, we do what we can do. And just because we cannot do everything does not mean that we should do nothing.