Our Mission

The Fountain of Life Foundation is inspired by faith in a God of love and compassion to provide charitable service in our community and beyond.
We focus on combining our efforts with the talents, resources, and assets that people in need already possess. By partnering with those whom we serve, we seek to effect lasting, meaningful life changes.

Our Motivation

The Fountain of Life (FOL) Foundation is a non-profit organization passionate about making a difference in the local community and beyond. Inspired by our faith in a God of love and compassion, we are a group of individuals committed to serving those in need wherever and however we can.

What sets FOL apart from many other charitable organizations is our devotion to hands-on service. Our goal is not to grow into a large non-profit organization requiring high overhead and outsourcing costs. Instead, we do everything through our volunteer staff, from the necessary administrative work to the purchasing of supplies and materials to the onsite distribution of services. This means that when you give to FOL, one hundred percent of your donations go directly to our charitable activities.

We are currently involved in several ongoing projects. In the greater Seattle area, we distribute groceries, clothing, and other supplies to low-income and elderly families, and we work with a local school district to provide school supplies to children in need. We have also recently partnered with an international outreach organization in Africa to develop villages, coordinate various educational programs, and make available basic medical care, clean water, and other essential supplies.

Financial Statements

We believe in complete transparency and accountability to our supporters who partner with us in our humanitarian effort to help those in need. In keeping with this philosophy of full disclosure, we are sharing our annual Return of Private Foundation document filed with the Internal Revenue Service. This document is also available to the general public at the IRS website.

FOL’s 2023 Tax Return

FOL’s 2022 Tax Return

FOL’s 2021 Tax Return

FOL’s 2020 Tax Return

FOL’s 2019 Tax Return

FOL’s 2018 Tax Return

FOL’s 2017 Tax Return

FOL’s 2016 Tax Return

FOL’s 2015 Tax Return