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700,000 Ugandan Children Out of School…

But your support is helping over 125 children receive an education

Uganda is facing an education crisis. Education is very expensive, and most families cannot afford to send their children to school. Less than 25% of children ever go on to secondary school; many are forced to drop out before they even turn 13.

Above is an article posted by the Daily Monitor that shows just how real the education crisis is in Uganda.

But there is hope. With your support, Fountain of Life has already changed the lives of over 125 children. The children at Fountain of Life are receiving education, medical care, food, clean water, and so much more. We are working to help change the education system in Uganda, and provide the free, quality education and life care that these children desperately need. Together, we believe we can reach even more students, and begin to turn the tide for education in Uganda.