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Breaking Ground

Thanks to your support, Fountain of Life is breaking ground on exciting new additions to its school in Uganda!

Currently, construction is about to begin for the teachers’ quarters and school restrooms. This will greatly improve life for our staff. They will be on-site, and can help provide greater care, education, and follow-up for each student at the school.

Through your support, we are also in the early stages of planning our brand new classrooms. With more students than ever coming to Fountain of Life, these classrooms will eventually allow us to have room for at least 200 students.

Finally, we are hoping to begin farming the land attached to the school. By growing crops, Fountain of Life would be able to provide food for our students and staff, and also be able to sell extra produce in the local market.

We are so thankful for your continued support that allows us to continue to grow, and reach even more children!