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Bukobero Updates

Bukobero Community Health Center construction is underway, and the foundation of the building is nearly complete. Sheila Hosner heads this project, and she provides a progress report here:

I traveled to Uganda the last two weeks of May this year and am happy to say that the Bukobero Community Health Centre III project has made great strides. I am continually inspired by the team in Uganda. This is their project and they are running with it. Not only is construction progressing, the community organization is progressing, too.

First the community organization. The Bukobero Community Health Center III Community Based Organization (CBO) is now a government registered Non-Governmental Organization or NGO. This was the (formerly) CBO’s leadership initiative. Being an NGO allows them to increase the scope and geography of their work beyond the sub-county where they are located. They are thinking big!

Now on to the main purpose of my visit – the construction of the health facility. A lot has been accomplished. The foundation is almost finished and the septic system, toilet/shower facilities, incinerator, and laundry and cooking facilities are all underway. The foundation took a bit longer (and cost a bit more!) than planned because they had to dig down deeper than anticipated to find hardpan. But finding hardpan is so important to the long-term stability of the building. We expect the first floor of the building and all the sanitation facilities to be finished later this fall. Here is the latest picture of the foundation, the toilet facilities, and the women working on the construction team.

Now I am busy raising money to add the second floor to the facility. A second floor will raise the impact of the health center to a whole other level. Not only will the health center treat disease, it will have the space to provide health education and work to prevent it. This addition will cost approximately $76,000. If you know of a group or church that might consider supporting us in this effort, I would love to make a presentation to them. Anything will help. Please contact me through my email,


Sheila Hosner
Development Director
Bukobero Community Health Centre