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Uganda School Updates

As you may know, we now have fully operating primary and secondary schools on our campus. We have approximately 380 students in attendance, with roughly half in the primary section and half in the high school section. We have students in every grade level in the high school (S1-6). We also have approximately 35 boarding students in the high school. They are currently housed in extra classrooms, but dormitory buildings will be needed soon. I counted 24 bunk beds in one classroom functioning as a dorm room!

Our school finally became part of the electrical grid in Uganda about a year ago. However, power is inconsistent because electricity is rationed. We had to switch back and forth between the grid and solar power multiple times during our visit.

On the day we returned home from our trip in May, the Ugandan president signed into law a set of draconian anti-LGBTQ laws, which even include the death sentence in some cases. Regardless of one’s views on this issue, these laws represent a breach of human dignity and a violation of human rights. As a result, Uganda now faces sanctions by many non-profit organizations and Western nations. Although this strong governmental control also extends to the school curriculum in Uganda, we will continue to support the education of our students in an environment that is free from hatred, bigotry, and discrimination.

Before I conclude, I must tell you that we have suffered a significant decline in student sponsorships since the beginning of the pandemic.

Approximately 380 students are currently enrolled in our schools but less than half are sponsored, which presents a challenge for the school to operate. If you previously sponsored students but had to stop during the pandemic all of us at FOL invite you to consider rejoining the sponsorship program if you are able. Also, please spread the word to your friends and family about this opportunity to participate in transformative education that will break the cycle of poverty, both in the community we serve and the world beyond.