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Continual Expansion & Growth

Dear Friends of FOL,
Time has flown by so quickly since the last edition of our newsletter. I want to assure you that we have not been idle and that our work has continued to expand. Today, we want to briefly update you on our two local projects (School Supply & Grocery Distribution programs) as well as our major international program in Uganda.

Our FOL team paid a visit to our primary school in the village of Ndagga in August 2017. We currently have approximately 240 students attending our school in Uganda. The school is staffed by nine teachers and five non-teaching personnel. We continue to expand and grow to meet the needs of the students, the village, and beyond.

New Dental Equipment for the Clinic
New Sports Equipment for the Students
School Expansion Plans
Expanding Outreach to Other Countries

Once again, I would like to thank each one of you for your commitment to and support of our cause. Without your help, our ability to make a difference would be severely compromised. Your generosity makes everything possible. I am very grateful for your involvement.

With warm regards,


Paul H Eun
Board Chair/CEO
Fountain of Life Foundation

More Photos From Our Uganda Mission Trip in Aug 2017: