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Beyond Primary School

Building a Secondary School
In 2019, a secondary school needs to be built as our primary school will be graduating its first class at the end of that year. This is necessarily going to be our largest building project to date as it must accommodate six grades of secondary school plus a library, a laboratory, and offices.

We are in the process of seeking major donors for this project. Please let us know if you would like to participate in making our secondary school a reality.

We are confident that we will have enough funds to make this happen, but we do need donors to pledge their support for this monumental task.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: A Self-Generating Student Loan Fund
In due time, our students will graduate from the secondary school and many of them will go on to vocational colleges or university for further education. We find that so many of the sponsorship programs in Africa stop after the secondary school level, leaving students with excellent general education but no marketable skills, which tragically means the cycle of poverty repeats itself. It is our desire to do something different in our village. We would like to use the income we generate from our farms as a student loan fund for students to attend either vocational school or university to pursue higher education. When students graduate and enter the workforce, they will be expected to repay the loan so we can continue to educate the next generation of students. We believe this is the only viable way to break the cycle of poverty that exists in our village and its surrounding region.