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New School Improvements

As with our new clinic, the conditions in our school and for our teachers have greatly improved. Here are some of the exciting new upgrades and on-going projects happening at the school in Uganda:

New flush toilets have been added to the school administrative offices.

Our visiting team in April donated funds to buy goats for the school. The goats have since been purchased and a shelter has been constructed.

At this point, most of our teachers rent living space in the village where they can find it, and we feel the need to provide all of our teachers with on-campus living space. To this end, we are in the process of building three additional teachers’ apartment buildings.

We are also working on the installation of a lightning protection system and solar panels in our buildings that will provide electricity for the school and for most of the surrounding village.

Finally, we would like to complete the school kitchen by installing cooking equipment such as stoves as we are still preparing meals outdoors.

Photos of the New School Improvements