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New Medical Clinic: A Village Miracle

The clinic building is seen as a miracle by the villagers. Although it is very small and simple by western standards, we are told that it may be the best medical facility between this town and the capital city of Kampala!

As a result of the new clinic, both the working conditions for our medical providers and the experience of our patients have improved dramatically compared to our previous trips to the village. One significant upgrade for all of us is that the clinic now has flush toilets. On previous trips, our visiting team had to wait to use bathrooms in our hotel. Even with all the improvements, we still had to rely on boiling water to sterilize dental instruments using a homemade charcoal burner!

Our medical team worked tirelessly on this latest trip, and we treated as many patients as we could. Still, it was heartbreaking to leave behind the many other villagers who had been waiting each day but whose turn never came. These villagers have no other access to medical and dental care except from what we can provide. We are so concerned for their welfare and long to treat each and every villager who needs our help.

On our April trip to Uganda, two brothers – Sam and Tom – made an eternal impact. Sam and Tom are both dentists and they worked around the clock to help the students, unsponsored children, and adults in Ndagga village. All done with love, humor, and a smile, these brothers provided treatment, relief, and even some villagers their very first toothbrush. All together, they saw and treated over 350 people in 3 days, all of whom did not have previous access to dental care.

Photos of the New Medical Clinic in Uganda