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FOL has recently partnered with Canaan International Outreach Ministries, a non-profit organization devoted to improving lives in Africa.The central goal of this mission project is to help poverty-stricken communities become self-sustaining by building new villages, a school, educational programs, and more.

Below, you can learn about our projects currently under way in Uganda.
Make a donation to contribute to the work that needs to be done there. You can help make a difference to entire communities!

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School in Uganda

Students learning at FOL’s new school in Uganda
FOL is specifically involved in a mission project in Uganda, where we have recently purchased fourteen acres of land for the development of new villages in an especially destitute area.
We have already started a school on this land to educate children who will one day live in these newly developed villages. A sponsorship program is available to help students at this school.If you are interested in sponsoring a student, you can learn more about our School & Child Sponsorship Program, or sponsor a child today from our Child Sponsorship Catalog.

Sponsor a Child Now

Our Uganda plans for the near future include: building more classrooms for the school drilling a well to make clean water regularly available cultivating land to develop a farm

We will work with local villagers as we build so that they may become self-sustaining in the ongoing development and maintenance of these new villages. To this end, we will also provide educational programs in health and safety for villagers along with basic medical care.