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Planting Courage, Bringing Hope

Dear Fountain of Life Family,
Many years ago, a dear friend of mine planted some crocus bulbs in my front yard in the late fall. Amazingly, these crocuses started shooting up through the frozen ground in the middle of January and after a few short weeks they were in full bloom. This continues to happen year after year without my doing anything, as can be seen in the picture above. These crocuses are truly an extraordinary gift because they remind me of the power of hope in the midst of hopelessness, darkness, and despair. Seeing the flowers in bloom is undeniable evidence that spring is on its way despite how unlikely this can seem on the short, cold days of January! If I were a crocus bulb, I might not venture out so soon. I would rather wait until it becomes a bit warmer before I decide it is time to break through the ground and check things out. I am so grateful these crocus bulbs are not like me. They muster up enough courage to try something that seems impossible in the dead of winter. I marvel at the breathtaking beauty and the delicate design of these tiny flowers each time I look at them.

This is what Fountain of Life is all about. We want to plant courage in places where there is only despair. We want to bring hope to places where there is only hopelessness. We want love to blossom in places where there is only indifference. This is why we are so grateful for your partnership with us in this work. Together, we are making a difference!

In this issue, we are very excited to share with you the tremendous progress that is being made in the remote Ugandan village of Ndagga:

Bringing Clean Water to the Village
New School Kitchen
New School Building Under Construction

All of these building projects are made possible by contributions from our loyal supporters like you including few who have given their entire life savings! We want to say THANK YOU for your generosity.

In late May, another FOL team will visit Uganda. We invite our sponsors and supporters to join us on one of these trips in the near future. Going to this small village in Uganda and experiencing the difference we are making there is life changing, and we want as many of you as possible to share in this experience with us!


With gratitude,
Paul H Eun
Board Chair/CEO
Fountain of Life Foundation

More Photos of the Building Progress in Uganda: